Sen Properties is revered as one of the Platinum Triangle’s leading ultra-luxurious property developers; dedicated to reclaiming Beverly Hills as the most exciting and glamorous city in the world.

Founded and headed by Adnan Sen, Sen Properties is a luxury home developer offering exceptional houses in Beverly Hills. Setting new standards in the ultra-luxury real estate industry, Sen Properties became the benchmark in the Platinum Triangle by which design, architecture, energy conservation and trends are judged.

By working with world-renowned architects and using only the highest quality of materials, we create properties that bring up the overall value and international appeal of the City of Beverly Hills.

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    Appreciating the finer things in life

    Buying an ultra-luxury property in Beverly Hills is not merely an investment… It is a statement, for this City is synonymous with refined taste, sophistication, and charisma. If you are a member of the Global Elite, who appreciate the finest things in life, have the highest standards and expectations, and do not hesitate to pay a premium for good life, then this is where you belong.


    It's the stuff the dreams are made of

    As the standard of bespoke design in the Platinum Triangle, Sen Properties offer you the ultimate Beverly Hills experience. Sumptuous houses, individually tailored properties, and unrivaled service and hospitality… All in the most desirable address in the world. A heartbeat away from the glamor of the City of Angels, yet offering ultimate privacy and comfort meet your fantasy luxury home.


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    Whether you are an agent or a landowner with an empty lot or a tear down project, please feel free to contact us. Interested in views and flats located in Beverly Hills 90210 only.