About Us

We believe in Beverly Hills


Sen Properties is revered as one of the Platinum Triangle’s leading ultra luxurious property developers; dedicated to reclaiming Beverly Hills as the most exciting and glamorous city in the world.

Founded and headed by Adnan Sen, Sen Properties is a luxury home developer offering exceptional houses in Beverly Hills. Setting new standards in the ultra-luxury real estate industry, Sen Properties became the benchmark in the Platinum Triangle by which design, architecture, energy conservation and trends are judged.

By working with world-renowned architects and using only the highest quality of materials, we create properties that bring up the overall value and international appeal of the City of Beverly Hills.


Beverly Hills is our passion, purpose and pride. The future of Beverly Hills is entwined with our future and our set of values holds the key to our collective endeavor.


We believe trust is the sacred circle that holds together healthy and nurturing communities. We conduct all of our business activities honestly, reliably and truthfully without concessions.

Exemplary Excellence

Sen Properties is respected throughout Beverly Hills due to its exemplary conduct. Sen’s leadership, management, and construction all have been praised and can be seen all throughout the properties. Professionalism, dedication, and trust has been imbedded into the process from start to finish.

The Long View

At Sen we believe a good reputation speaks volume. The promises we agree on are the cornerstone of our dedication and it drives us to be better at what we do. All our critical decisions are considered with regard to the impact they will have on the wellbeing and prosperity of the Beverly Hills community we serve.


We believe having good design is not a gift, but an attitude. And as one of the builders of Beverly Hills’ future, it is our responsibility to create projects that are elegant, refined and glamorous in essence and appearance.